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Alwar - Sariska, Rajasthan

Published on 06 Jul 2020 / In Destinations

Situated in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, “Sariska National Park”, is one of the important national parks in Rajasthan. Stretch over an area of 866 sq. kilometres, the park boasts not of variety of flora and fauna but it is famous for ‘Tiger population’ and ‘Tiger Reserve Project’.

Other than flora and fauna, the feature that make Sariska National Park popular among worldwide are the ruins of 11th centuries ‘Garh-Rajor’ temple, 17th-century ‘Kankwari’ fort on the hill which offer a beautiful view of soaring vultures and eagles. Last but not least it’s encircled ‘Siliserh Lake’ and ‘Jai Samand Lake’, which houses varied crocodiles, water snakes and different creatures of land and water is really enticing and treats for many wildlife lovers and photographers.

Flora of Sariska National Park
As greenery can hardly be found in the huge area of desert, “Sariska National Park” is one of the alone forest area in the entire western Aravali hills which is enriched with flora. According to climatic and geographical condition,the flora found in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is of dry deciduous type. About 90% of the park covered with ‘Dhok’ tree. Despite this, the park also comprises different kinds of trees named Goria, Surwal, Ber, Tendu, and Khair.

Moreover, the national park has dry and dusty look during the summer season, but with the beginning of monsoon, the look of the park changes greatly and a good bit of greenery can be seen.

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